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Simple tips to keep your home or business secure

Pretend to be a thief. Take a walk around your property and try to see your home or office through the eyes of a burglar. Is there a specific area that
seems vulnerable, like a large pet door that stays open all the time? If you look directly through the windows, can you see anything of value that might
tempt a criminal, like a valuable piece of art or a costly home theater system? Thinking like a thief can help you think of ways to protect yourself
against break-ins.

While it might be tempting to go for decorative, windowed doors that might look great on your property, it is often not a great choice security-wise, as it
is all too easy to break into. If you do choose to install a door with glass windows on it, we can install specialty locks that will give you an extra
level of security. Additionally, some glass doors are specially treated or made of tempered glass that can add an extra level of protection to your home.

Looking for a beautiful and natural way to protect your home windows without making your home look like a prison? Try planting thorny shrubbery and bushes
directly below your windows. Large cacti or rose bushes can act as a deterrent to thieves while at the same time working to beautify your property.