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For reliable, professional plumbing services close-by and available 24/7, look no further!

Authorized Plumbers is a service you can trust, whether you’re in the midst of a plumbing emergency and your house is flooding, if you simply need professional plumbing repairs done right the first time, if you need a full pipeline upgrade or even if you are renovating or building your new home.

Our plumbers are all qualified, experienced professionals and located in every neighborhood across the nation.


Licensed, Insured & Reliable Nationwide Plumbing Services

Authorized Plumbers is a nationwide company, so we pride ourselves on upholding our pristine reputation for superior services all across America!

Every Authorized Plumber is licensed, registered, experienced and insured at the highest level. Plus, before they join our team, each plumber needs to pass our rigorous background check and our own advanced Authorized Plumber’s course, which includes customer service training. We take these extra measures to ensure that you are as confident in our professional advice and services as we are in our team!

So for any plumbing service you need, the clear choice is to call Authorized Plumbers!


Fast, Local & Mobile Plumbing Services

Our company may be nationwide, but our plumbers are all locals in your neighborhood! For the fastest arrival times and superior service from local plumbing experts, don’t hesitate: Call our central hotline and the nearest plumber to your location will be dispatched immediately for the quickest response time.

All our plumbers are mobile and can arrive at your location within a half hour. Plus, their Authorized Plumbers van is outfitted with the latest plumbing equipment to effectively diagnose and repair any leak and almost any fixture on the spot.

Your home may be flooded from wall to wall, but it takes just a few moments for our advanced x-ray cameras to zero in on the source of a leak, even if it’s not visible with the naked eye. Then our professionals can decipher the best course of action, provide you with a quote for your approval and fix the problem pronto!

When you are in need of a professional plumber in a hurry, you need Authorized Plumbers!


Plumbing Emergency Assistance

flooded home

Have you ever come home to find your house flooded? Perhaps a pipe has burst, the hot water heating system has burst or the kitchen faucet has popped off its fixtures? You need an Authorized Plumber who can arrive at your location

within a half hour at any time, 24/7, diagnose and fix the problem fast!

All our plumbers are highly trained to handle and resolve any kind of plumbing emergency. And when you call our hotline and tell them it’s an emergency, the nearest plumber to your location will be notified that your needs are priority #1! They will come fast, prepared, professional and happy to help.

If you call any other plumbing service and they take time to arrive or to diagnose your problem, not only could serious water damage destroy your electrical goods and furniture, but could set into your floor and walls and could permanently compromise the integrity of your entire building!

For any kind of plumbing emergency, don’t hesitate – call us quickly to prevent your plumbing emergency from turning into an expensive disaster!


Residential Plumbing Solutions

This is our most popular call out because, to be honest, we are trustworthy, professional and all our team members know how to respect our customers!

Your home is your castle, so when our professional plumbers arrive on your doorstep, we will afford both you and your personal property the proper respect you deserve. Our expert plumbers will assess the situation, recommend at least one permanent solution, provide you with an affordable quote and with all the right information you need to decide on the best course of action for your situation.

And when it comes time to repair, install or upgrade your plumbing, you can be sure that we are insured to the highest level for all our plumbing services, including:

Kitchen plumbing solutions

  • Replacing kitchen faucets
  • Repairing bathroom fixtures
  • Unblocking toilets
  • Repairing or replacing leaky pipes
  • Repairing or installing your heating or cooling systems
  • Drain cleaning
  • Backflow testing
  • Water treatment
  • Sewer repairs
  • Water heating
  • Water pipeline installations
  • Complete pipeline replacements / upgrades
  • Drainage repair or replacements
  • Complete household renovations
  • New house plumbing installations

Whatever your residential plumbing needs, call Authorized Plumbers for the best service in the business at the most affordable price!


Commercial Plumbing Services

When your workplace has a plumbing problem, productivity can come to grinding halt! A workplace can’t afford to wait for a slow or unprofessional plumber who can’t fix the problem completely on their first visit– time is money! And who would want to work 8 hours a day in an office without a working bathroom, or without heating? If the plumbing isn’t up to scratch, you might find the employees suddenly need to take time off, could be getting sick more often or, at best, might prefer to work from home, which would decrease their productivity. Can you afford to close your business for a few days until an unprofessional plumber makes time for you?

Whether the bathroom toilets clog up or the office heating system springs a leak in the middle of Winter, you need a professional plumbing service to arrive and fix the problem as quickly as possible!

Our team are all experts and mobile plumbers, so we can come to your workplace within a half hour of your call, assess and permanently repair any plumbing problem on the spot. Well in time for your staff to come back from their lunch break!

Plus, our affordable prices mean you save money in two ways:

  1. On our inexpensive plumbing services

  2. On the work hours you don’t lose waiting around for another plumber to show up and fix the problem.

If your workplace has any kind of plumbing problem, call Authorized Plumbers for the quickest, most professional plumbing solutions. We’ll get you back to business in no time!


Call Authorized Plumbers today for the quickest, most professional solutions to any kind of plumbing problem!